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InstaLLatIon and maIntenance


PreParation beFore
1.The indoor temperature on site should be controlled around 25 ℃ and can’t be higher than 36 ℃ or lower than 12 ℃ (The floor base surface temperature should not be over 30℃ ).

2.On condition that the relative humidity of the atmosphere is not higher than 75%rh, the water content of the base course should not go beyond 5%; on condition that the relative humidity of the atmosphere reaches 98%, damp proof films and PE primer should be used.

3.remove any dirt,grit, oil and chemicals. The subfloor must be even,and be level within 3mm in 2 meters.The minimum strength of the subfloor should be c20.

1.Base on the site space to set the centerline before installation and make sure that two lines are vertical to each other.
2.Waiting for the glue dry a while and not sticking after scraping the glue, it is the best time to start installation.
3.after setting up the centerline then install the flooring tile along the center line and assure the tiles position is vertical to each other, stick and press tiles to fix them into position, then install tiles one by one along the centerline.

4.according to the temperature level of attention to the seams in the pavement floor tightness, high temperature dense, low relaxation. maintenance:
1.The flooring tile surface handled by Pu coating, to increase the product life time and against scratch, but suitable maintenance is necessary. it is better to clean floor with mop and washcloth after installation. after coating thin wax on the clean flooring tile and then coating the second layer of wax.
2.The regular maintenance: the floor can be cleaned with various neutral floor abluent, suggest to wax floor every month.

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